Formed in 2000 Molly Bloom have always wrote and performed their own original material. The band consists of Flute, Classical Guitar, Drums and Bass. Playing both acoustically and “plugged in” over the years have gathered a good fan base from all ages from various musical scenes.



Even now, after listening to ‘All Pressure' about twenty times, I am still changing my mind about what I've heard; all I know is, it's damn good. Molly Bloom are the perfect example of how genres can be mixed and classical instruments can take on a whole new meaning. ‘All Pressure' bring something new and exciting around every corner and if you like the album, you have to see the many layers of Molly Bloom live.

Sophie Sparham - Louder Than War


Molly Bloom , are a quaint English town descended into lunacy; Red Riding Hood torn apart by wolves; Alice, trapped down the rabbit hole plagued by psychosis. Unless your blood runs cold I suggest you buy what I consider to be one of the most exciting things I've heard for some time.

Michael Collins - The Sleeping Shaman


There's not a lot of music that makes me want to smile these days – but Molly Bloom's does! Molly Bloom have once again demonstrated their distinct and unique voice – a voice that is full of energy, great musicianship and humour.

Bob Mulvey - The Progressive Aspect


"Back by popular demand"

3 Chords Festival - Penzance


Molly Bloom played an amazingly diverse mix of styles, from  gypsy punk to Sabbath-y doom but the sum total of the ingredients was a really captivating and motivating set, fully of strident energy.  Will be searching out some of their stuff for sure.

Mark Watson Jones - Link 2 Wales


Last week my copy of the new Molly Bloom CD, All Pressure , arrived in the post. I had been overjoyed by their performance when the opened the main stage on Sunday at Foad Fest, and so I was really looking forward to this. It's awesome. A mix of ska, punk, folk, and power metal with classical guitar and passages on the flute, this is one of the most interesting and appealing albums I've ever listened to. The songs are just beautiful, and the musicianship is superb. “Mistress Winter,” the catchiest tune I've heard in a long while.

Listen to them! Listen to them this very instant! They were really, really good. It takes balls to open a day of extreme metal with a flute.

Katy Radcliffe - Blog of putrefaction


Molly Bloom threw a heap of exotic ingredients into the mix, blasting out a unique folk / punk / medieval / metal sound that sets them apart from the hordes of bands intent on being the next Sabbath, or whoever. Playing cheekily with various genres to drive out their own special sound. Subversive and truly original sounding they are a wicked party band and would really suit a festival environment

Lauren C, Get Your Rock Out


To spice things up, the Ladybird Tent host their final act, Molly Bloom , a band with a fascinating line-up (flute, classical guitar, drums and bass). As Molly Bloom are especially unique it seems churlish to compare them to any other act, but there are hints of New Model Army and Jethro Tull poured into a bucket of prog and grunge with a gypsy folk and reggae seasoning. It's exciting, powerful  stuff, as the motoring mix of stalwart fans and animated newcomers lap up the dexterity of the guitarist and the snarling melodies of their singer.

Jon Ashley, Louder Than War


“ A spine tingling event that guarantees you will sleep with one eye open”

The Met Arts Association  

“50,000 camels feels so good it should be available on the National Health..”

Progressive Waves, France

“To hear music that takes so much that is familiar and goes in a substantially different direction with it is refreshing..”

Tom Karr, Progressive World

It's fresh, reinvigorating and full with invention

Harmonie Magazine , France